Brian Murphy: LIV golf and Trump’s middle finger to 9/11 survivors

The world’s greediest golfers joined America’s greatest grifter this week to jab middle fingers into 9/11 survivors’ eyes, the PGA Tour and anyone shaming these feckless deniers for cashing Saudi blood money behind a fig leaf of autonomy.

Fitting that Donald Trump welcomed this rogue’s gallery to his kickback swamp in New Jersey, where racketeers, loan sharks and shakedown artists compete with toll booths, landfills and schnockered Snookis for prevalence.

The breakaway LIV Golf Invitational Series is back in the United States to stink up a stuffy and fractured sport in the throes of an identity crisis and crisis of conscience via a shotgun-style, 54-hole afterthought at the disgraced former president’s private Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, aka the “Summer White House” during No. 45’s scorched-earth, singular term.


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