Eagles QB Jalen Hurts’ contract is the NFL’s most undervalued at $1 million a year

The stark contrast between the two most recent quarterbacks for the Eagles was on full display in Washington last weekend.

At this time two years ago, there was no team more all-in on a young quarterback than the Eagles with Carson Wentz. They traded precious draft capital, including first- and second-round picks in consecutive drafts, to acquire him. They told their popular and successful backup, Super Bowl–winning quarterback Nick Foles, to seek employment elsewhere. They rewarded Wentz with a top-of-the-market contract for a young quarterback at the earliest point the CBA would allow. Wentz was the face of the franchise for the present and the future.

Even drafting Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 draft was part of the overall Wentz commitment. I remember Eagles management telling me the Hurts pick was not just about liking Hurts, but about having an inexpensive—read: cheap—backup to Wentz, whose cash-and-cap numbers were about to explode. The Eagles have always paid close attention to present and future cap charges by position; this was a conscious decision to balance the quarterback position with a top-of-market starter and an inexpensive backup on a fixed and reasonable rookie contract.


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