Meghan Markle set to go nuclear, but who’s to blame? Royal expert explains

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LONDON – Palace aides take revenge on the “Difficult Duchess” in a second mind-blowing book detailing life with the Duchess of Sussex.

Now more than ever, Harry and Meghan are to be held up to public scrutiny – but as ever in the world of the two ex-royals, it’s not their fault.

Why is this happening now?

Simply, people are speaking and don’t care what they say about the one-time royals.


Meghan Markle was labeled the “difficult” Duchess by palace aides.
(Seth Wenig)


It all centers on Meghan really, because as many people know, Harry – prior to meeting Ms. Markle – was a lovable oaf at times who charmed the public with antics, loved being in the army and was seeking someone to love. If this is to be believed Meghan, like a missile, according to two books now, sought out the Duke with all the finesse that the Terminator would be proud of, making sure she had gelled up on him enough to mold herself into the perfect princess in waiting.

It has been an open secret here in the UK that the duchess, then living at Kensington Palace, was difficult. She was all smiles for the camera, a role she loved even if she felt she and Harry should be paid to meet and greet the public that are, in effect, already paying for them. But she was triggered off way back in 2019 when they toured Africa.

Meghan, you will recall, even claimed in that set-up interview with ITV and Harry’s good chum the broadcaster Tom Bradby, “Thank you for asking if I am OK as no one has bothered until now,” flicking back tears through smudged eye makeup . This, though, was a starring role as she had already been told the questions in advance, so no surprise she had perfected that look.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend a service of reflection for Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend a service of reflection for Queen Elizabeth II.
(Getty Images)

The stories are spilling out now, pure and simple, because before the queen passed away, they had some kind of protection, a level of respect for the monarch who reigned over us for 70 years. Harry knew she was loved by the world, so, at 96, no one wanted to upset her.

Now, sadly she has left us and left behind, all thanks to Meghan and Harry, an investigation into bullying that was never made public. Now those involved feel angry and betrayed. After all, they claim it was their lives that were affected and despite that investigation even they do not know what the outcome was. What they claim is that their lives were a living hell thanks to the duchess.

The optics don’t look great because, as we know, this will only ignite another fire back from Meghan and Harry. However, let me tell you this – no one believes anything Meghan says now after that “secret wedding,” the Nelson Mandela quote, the list is really endless and to be fair who knows what the real truth is. Does Meghan know really….?

The payment for the royal tours is simple – in Meghan’s mind it made perfect sense that she was drawing a crowd and expected that crowd to see her, but back in the land of showbiz, where a buck is made on the back of a 30- second clip, who can blame her for thinking like that?

The bigger issue is why didn’t Prince Harry explain to his new squeeze what the life of royals involves? She famously said she was ready to hit the ground running and boy has she, but again the issue for Meghan was that she could not understand why she could not keep the expensive scented candles, designer shoes, dresses and makeup that she figured were rightly hers . A source told me that Harry promised her everything as he was so scared of losing her. So again, is she totally to blame? I mean, here she is in the land of luxury, and suddenly it appears that the royals are as tight as the local dollar store.


Meghan Markle attends the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Sept.  19.

Meghan Markle attends the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Sept. 19.
(Karwai Tang/WireImage via Getty Images)

This can only lead to one thing in the end… disaster, as the deals they have forged on the back of this royal connection will dry up and get bleaker and weaker. While Harry can always return to the royal fold, albeit in shame, she will unfortunately come off the worst in this. Despite making millions, she could see her dreams of world domination in tatters. What a mess they have both woven to get to this place and yet there is more to come, trust me.

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