Mikal, Ayton and Cam Johnson should rise with Durant trade dead

Time for Phoenix to rise from the ashes of the Kevin Durant trade rumors.

The summer of speculation seems to be over with reports that Durant met with Brooklyn Nets leadership and agreed to give things another try.

Good. Now that that’s over, the Suns know what’s on the horizon: Chris Paul, Devin Booker and the guys who didn’t get swapped out will try to have another monsoon of a season that ends with fans flooding downtown streets in a championship parade.

There’s always the question of whether trade rumors will mess up team chemistry. We won’t know the answer for sure until about Christmas after we’ve seen the team play for a few weeks. But don’t expect KD to throw off the balance of Phoenix’s pH.

Rumors and speculation are part of life in the NBA. Guys who can’t block that stuff out don’t last at this level.

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