NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Bills establish dominance, Eagles emerge

The NFL season has a tendency of mirroring the draft process, which often takes on a life of its own after a majority of the work and the common knowledge has been established. While there are inevitably “late risers” in both respects, there are also stalwart teams and players who were always going to be among the best but, for some reason, we talk ourselves into discounting them or diminishing them for the sport of it.

Teams, especially, go through valleys inevitably during a long season, and we tend to punish them for not playing their best football in November and December, when, in reality, they may just be gearing up for a more consequential playoff push.

It’s important to keep in mind as we watch the Bills absolutely torch opponents as they have been doing over the first two weeks of the season. At some point, when Josh Allen has a handful of bad games and we start to wonder whether Buffalo has what it takes, let’s remember what happened Monday night and the Thursday before.


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