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The showrunner behind the Quantum Leap reboot still wants Scott Bakula to return. Tom Hiddleston hypes up the stakes of Loki‘s second season. Plus, get a glimpse of the Halloween Ends soundtrack, and what’s coming on The Walking Dead. Spoilers, away!

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Star Trek 4

Variety reports that Paramount has pulled the fourth movie in the Kelvin timeline reboot Star Trek saga from its schedule after Matt Shakman was poached by Marvel to direct Fantastic Four.


Deadline reports Samara Weaving is attached to star in Azraela new action-horror movie from writer Simon Barrett (The Guest, You’re Next) and director Evan Katz (Haunting Of Bly Manor). Although “story details are being kept under wraps” the outlet reports “Joker financier Jason Cloth and his C2 Motion Picture Group partner Dave Caplan (The End We Start From) recently won the rights in a competitive situation and will finance and produce.” Principal photography is expected to begin next month in Estonia.

Halloween Ends

Two new tracks from the Halloween Ends soundtrack by Boy Harsher and John Carpenter are now available to stream on Youtube.

Boy Harsher – Burn It Down [Rework] (Official Audio)

John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies – The Junk Yard (Official Audio) Halloween Ends

Terrifier 2

In a similar vein, a new clip from Terrifier 2 teases Art the Clown’s resurrection.

Terrifier 2 | Exclusive Clip | Something Bad Is Happening Tonight | In Theaters October 6


Deadline reports Netflix is ​​no longer moving forward with its plans Grendel series starring Abubakr Ali, idol “producers now have the option to shop the series elsewhere.”

The Devil in Silver

AMC is also developing a TV series from Christopher Cantwell adapting David LaValle’s novel, The Devil in Silver. The series will focus on Pepper, “a working-class man from Queens who, through a combination of bad luck and a bad temper, finds himself wrongfully committed to a psychiatric hospital. There, he must contend with other patients, doctors who harbor dark secrets of their own, and perhaps even a true and even more terrifying evil.” [Deadline]

YOLO: Crystal Fantasy/Silver Destiny

Comic Book also reports a second season of YOLO: Crystal Fantasy is now in development at Adult Swim under the title YOLO: Silver Destiny.

Resident Alien

In conversation with ScreenRantAlan Tudyk confirmed filming on the third season of Resident Alien begins this January in Vancouver.

Yes, we still have a little time. It’ll be January, but it’s coming up. Right when it gets cold in Vancouver and the rain is the thickest, is the heaviest and the most unceasing. But I’ll be good. Vancouver is just a beautiful place I love, you kind of get used to the rain in a way that I never thought was possible. You just kind of stopped noticing, that’s great.

Quantum Leap

Meanwhile, showrunner Martin Gero confirmed to Collider he’s still hoping Scott Bakula will agree to return for his Quantum Leap reboot.

I will respectfully always ask him to do the show. I have a very, very good idea that Deborah (Pratt) knows about and that Don (Bellisario) knows about. I think it could be really exciting. But I also completely respect his wishes. He knows our enthusiasm for him. He knows our enthusiasm, our love, and our reverence for the old show. It’s a no right now. It would be pretty amazing to have him back, but I don’t know what that timeline looks like, or even if it’s possible. I wanna be able to call his managers just enough where they feel like I want him on the show, but not enough where they’re like, ‘This is a possible stalker situation. We need to alert the authorities.’ We would all love for that to happen, but we completely honor and respect his wishes.

In the meantime, Ben leaps into the body of a Las Vegas boxer in the trailer for next week’s episode.

Quantum Leap 1×03 Promo “Somebody Up There Likes Ben” (HD)


In conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Tom Hiddleston stated the TVA will face “a battle for [its very] soul” in the second season of Loki.

Season 2’s kind of a challenge of a question asked of the TVA itself, a battle for the soul of the TVA.

Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, and Ke Huy Quan on ‘Loki’ | D23 2022 | Entertainment Weekly

The Walking Dead

The Commonwealth celebrates Founder’s Day in the synopsis for “A New Deal,” the 18th episode of The Walking Dead‘s eleventh season.

The survivors make a deal with Pamela; the Commonwealth celebrates Founders Day.

[Spoiler TV]

War of the Worlds

Spoiler TV has photos from the October 2 episode of War of the Worlds. Click through to see the rest.

Image for article titled The Fate of Star Trek 4 Is in Limbo (Again)

Photo: Fox Networks Group

Image for article titled The Fate of Star Trek 4 Is in Limbo (Again)

Photo: Fox Networks Group

Image for article titled The Fate of Star Trek 4 Is in Limbo (Again)

Photo: Fox Networks Group

The Winchesters

Finally, the cast of The Winchesters discusses their characters in a new featurette.

The Winchesters (The CW) “Cast” Featurette HD – Supernatural prequel series


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