Netflix’s ‘The Real Bling Ring’ Spotlights the Teens Who Robbed Paris Hilton and the Hollywood Elite

Few series have made Hollywood and its fame-hungry residents look more pitiful, shameful, and altogether gross as The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist, a three-part Netflix affair (Sept. 21) about the group of LA teens who committed a string of robberies—including, famously, on the homes of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, … Read more

Armie Hammer’s Aunt Reveals How He Became ‘a Monster’ in ‘House of Hammer’

In January 2021, after nearly a year living under relative COVID isolation, an anonymous Instagram account with the name @HouseOfEffie began posting screenshots of DMs the actor Armie Hammer had sent to a number of women detailing rape and cannibalism fantasies. The viral messages prompted a number of his recent exes to come forward, including … Read more

Netflix’s ‘Running With the Devil’ Exposes Suspected Murderer John McAfee’s Madness

John McAfee became unbelievably wealthy by protecting others’ computers, and yet at a certain point in his life, the notorious antivirus software pioneer decided that the only means of protecting himself was to move overseas, arm himself to the teeth, ingest tons of drugs and booze, and routinely flee from law enforcement and shadowy forces … Read more

‘Children of the Underground’ Revisits Faye Yager’s ‘Underground Railroad’ for Molested Children

Warning: This story contains descriptions of sexual abuse. Faye Yager was unable to protect her young daughter from being sexually abused by her father, and she responded by dedicating her life to creating an underground network for women striving to shield their kids from such heinous cruelty—work that brought the issue of incestuous rape and … Read more

The Heavy Metal Band Showering Fans With Blood and Semen

There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone like GWAR, the metal outfit hailing from Richmond, Virginia, who dress up as space barbarians, act out all manner of onstage obscenity, and spew their audiences with fake blood, semen, and other sticky bodily fluids. For the past four decades, GWAR has carved out a … Read more

In ‘The Captain,’ Derek Jeter Opens Up About Alex Rodriguez’s Acts of Betrayal

“Shit, I have trust problems… I have trust issues,” says Derek Jeter, echoing the words of a fellow biracial superstar. “I have issues trusting people from the get-go.” In The Captaina new seven-part ESPN docuseries premiering July 18, the Yankee legend shares that his famously guarded nature stems from an incident in high school where … Read more

Derek Jeter Breaks Silence on Rumor He Gives Gift Bags to Hookups

Derek Jeter was not only a consummate professional on the field, where he logged over 3,000 hits, 14 All-Star selections, five Gold Gloves, five World Series championship rings, and will go down as one of the greatest New York Yankees to ever have played the game, but away from the ballpark as well. Yes, the … Read more

‘The Anarchists’ on HBO Explores How an Anarchist ‘Paradise’ Became a Violent Hellscape

“When did you ever feel like you would be happy to see children burning books?” asks a gleeful Nathan Freeman over images of his kids tearing up tomes and throwing them into a beach bonfire at the beginning of Blumhouse Television’s The Anarchists. For most, the answer will likely be: never! Even those embracing an … Read more

Netflix’s ‘Girl in the Picture’ Is the Most Twisted True Crime Documentary of the Year

There’s so much crazy and evil in the world that streaming platforms will never run out of material for true crime documentaries. Girl in the Picture (July 6) is the latest chapter in Netflix’s never-ending investigation into all things depressing, shameful and baffling, recounting a jaw-dropping saga of kidnapping, sexual abuse, murder, and multiple identities … Read more

Russia’s Oligarch Wives Claim Vladimir Putin Is Suffering From a Secret Illness

According to everyone featured in Secrets of the Oligarch Wives, Vladimir Putin is a ruthless, greedy, sociopathic monster who cares only about his own power, wealth and legacy as a titan who united and restored the glory of Mother Russia. The ongoing war in Ukraine, as well as the continued arrest and mistreatment of opposition … Read more