Russian military escalation and ‘bogus threats’ show Putin has been ‘outsmarted’ by the Ukrainians, says UK PM

CNN — Vladimir Putin’s announcement of increased military conscription to bolster Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine shows that the Russian President “has been outsmarted” by Kyiv, UK Prime Minister Liz Truss told CNN in an exclusive and wide-ranging interview. The new British leader, who takes power at a time of historic upheaval, told CNN’s Jake Tapper … Read more

Russian men join exodus, fearing call-up to fight in Ukraine

ISTANBUL — Military-aged men fled Russia in droves Friday, filling planes and causing traffic jams at border crossings to avoid being rounded up to fight in Ukraine following the Kremlin’s partial military mobilization. Queues stretching for 10 kilometers (6 miles) formed on a road leading to the southern border with Georgia, according to Yandex Maps, … Read more

Hungary faces reckoning with the EU that could cost it billions

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — After his headline performance at Hungary’s Sziget Festival last month, pop star Justin Bieber held a grandiose party for his staff in a luxurious countryside setting — a 19th century castle owned by the country’s son-in-law. prime minister The castle, to the critics of Prime Minister Viktor Orbanis emblematic of the … Read more

As Boris Johnson departs, the UK takes stock of his messy legacy

LONDON (AP) — The moving vans have already started arriving at Downing Street as Britain’s Conservative Party prepares to evict Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The debate over what mark he left on his party, his country and the world will linger long after he leaves in September — if, indeed, he really is gone for … Read more

Kremlin Dissidents Warn Europe’s Travel Bans Against Russians Are Actually Helping Vladimir Putin

Kremlin critics the world over are rallying against moves by some European countries to slap Russian citizens with travel bans, arguing that it will have the opposite effect of ramping up pressure on Vladimir Putin to put an end to the war in Ukraine. A slew of prominent public figures in Russia, including celebrities, politicians … Read more

Bomb threats put tiny Moldova, Ukraine’s neighbor, on edge

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — For tiny Moldova, an impoverished, landlocked nation that borders war-torn Ukraine but isn’t in the European Union or NATO, it’s been another week plagued by bomb threats. On an overcast day outside the international airport serving Moldova’s capital of Chisinau, hundreds of people lined up this week as bomb-sniffing dogs examined … Read more

Climate crisis: This nation is scorching in a heat wave and wildfires, yet it’s returning to planet-baking coal

Western Macedonia, Greece CNN — Dimitris Mitsaris opens his garage door and the smell of fermenting grapes emerges, as the first morning light bounces off dozens of steel tanks. Mitsaris and his family live here, in Agios Panteleimonas, a mountainous village of just 800 residents in northern Greece, and have made their home into a … Read more

EU agrees to cut natural gas use amid Russian supply fears

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union governments agreed Tuesday to reduce consumption of natural gas this winter to protect themselves against any further supply cuts by Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine, although the measure contains exemptions for some countries. EU energy ministers approved a draft European law designed to lower demand for gas by 15% … Read more

What is the EU’s gas plan and does it have support of the bloc? | European Union News

The European Union’s executive branch has urged member states to cut back on gas usage by 15 percent until March as fears mount that Russia may stop supplying the energy source to the bloc in the coming months. Moscow has already curtailed exports of natural gas – used to power factories, generate electricity and heat … Read more

London wakes up to the realities of heat wave hell as its European neighbors battle widespread wildfires

London — Some European nations were still battling their worst wildfires in decades Wednesday as the UK woke up to relief after its hottest day on record. As CBS News correspondent Ramy Inocencio reports, flames have torn through tinder dry brush in an area covering thousands of miles from Greece to Portugal. The widespread heat … Read more