Moscow threatens NATO member Lithuania over transit ban on goods to Russia’s European exclave Kaliningrad

Lithuania’s decision to ban the transit of certain goods between Russia and its isolated exclave of Kaliningrad has provoked wrath among top officials in Moscow, and even a threat of retaliation against the European nation. Kaliningrad shares land borders with two NATO nations, Lithuania and Poland, but not Russia. Captured from Nazi Germany by the … Read more

Rail strikes and labor shortages are hurting the UK economy

London CNN Business – The United Kingdom has a jobs problem. There just aren’t enough workers to keep its economy moving forward, and many employees are growing angry about inflation taking a large bite out of their paychecks. The problem escalated Tuesday as thousands of rail workers went on strike over demands for better pay … Read more

UK’s Johnson: Russia taking ‘heavy casualties’ in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday on a surprise visit to Kyiv that “all the evidence” points to Russian forces “taking heavy casualties” in their ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Johnson also promised continued military aid and training on new military equipment. He did not detail the equipment. “We are with … Read more

In energy-strapped Europe, coal gets a Greek encore

By DEREK GATOPOULOS June 16, 2022 GMT KOZANI, Greece (AP) – At Greece’s largest coal mine, controlled explosions and the roar of giant excavators scooping up blasted rock have once again become routine. Coal production has been ramped up at the site near the northern Greek city of Kozani as the war in Ukraine … Read more