The Jerry Eze phenomenon: How the Nigerian preacher became an internet star

Abuja, Nigeria CNN — Every morning at 7am Nigerian time, Pastor Jerry Eze can be seen on a YouTube livestream fervently praying over thousands of stacks of requests he has received from his followers around the world. Flanked usually by his wife Eno, and an associate, Eze’s passionate prayers are delivered in an urgent staccato, … Read more

5 things to know for July 18: Uvalde, Mall shooting, Ukraine, Heat waves, Netflix

CNN — When you board an airplane, the decade-old, bulky inflight entertainment screens can feel like a holdover from another era. For years, travelers have shared feedback about their outdated inflight experiences, and now it appears companies are getting closer to implementing some revolutionary concepts. In fact, if a few tech giants have their way, … Read more

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ hopes to jolt a rebounding theater industry

New York CNN Business — Two years ago, movie theaters were suffering through the pandemic and many in Hollywood wondered if going to the movies would become a thing of the past. Now, halfway through 2022, the reports of the death of theaters appear to be greatly exaggerated. Audiences have returned to the cineplex for … Read more