‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ Star James Tim Norman Found Guilty of Having Nephew Andre Montgomery ‘Executed’

A one-time reality TV personality who gained fame on a show about his mother’s Missouri soul food restaurant has been found guilty of ordering a hit on his own nephew to cash in on a life insurance policy he had taken out on the young man. James “Tim” Norman, 43, was convicted Friday by a … Read more

Chris Dawson verdict: Australian found guilty of murdering wife Lynette, ending 40-year mystery

Brisbane, Australia CNN — One of Australia’s longest-running cold cases has ended with the conviction of former high school teacher Chris Dawson for the murder of his wife Lynette in 1982, so he could start a new life with his then 16-year-old student. On Tuesday, Justice Ian Harrison found Dawson, 74, guilty following a three-month … Read more

Netflix’s ‘Running With the Devil’ Exposes Suspected Murderer John McAfee’s Madness

John McAfee became unbelievably wealthy by protecting others’ computers, and yet at a certain point in his life, the notorious antivirus software pioneer decided that the only means of protecting himself was to move overseas, arm himself to the teeth, ingest tons of drugs and booze, and routinely flee from law enforcement and shadowy forces … Read more

‘The Anarchists’ on HBO Explores How an Anarchist ‘Paradise’ Became a Violent Hellscape

“When did you ever feel like you would be happy to see children burning books?” asks a gleeful Nathan Freeman over images of his kids tearing up tomes and throwing them into a beach bonfire at the beginning of Blumhouse Television’s The Anarchists. For most, the answer will likely be: never! Even those embracing an … Read more

Netflix’s ‘Girl in the Picture’ Is the Most Twisted True Crime Documentary of the Year

There’s so much crazy and evil in the world that streaming platforms will never run out of material for true crime documentaries. Girl in the Picture (July 6) is the latest chapter in Netflix’s never-ending investigation into all things depressing, shameful and baffling, recounting a jaw-dropping saga of kidnapping, sexual abuse, murder, and multiple identities … Read more

Drug-Fueled Cartel Rampage Ends With Two Dead Priests Dumped in a Mexican Desert

A capo from a notorious Mexican crime group went on a rampage last week in the state of Chihuahua, eventually killing two elderly priests and a tour guide who had sought refuge from the sicarios in a church, according to Mexican authorities. The killings occurred in the small desert town of Cerocahui, about 480 miles … Read more

Woman’s gruesome murder and a sheikh blaming the victim reveal Egypt’s problem with violence against women

A family photo shared widely on social media shows Nayera Ashraf, an Egyptian student who was murdered at the age of 21 outside the gates of her university in Mansoura, Egypt, on June 20, 2022. Cairo – One week ago, 21-year-old Nayera Ashraf was about to walk through the gates of her university in Egypt’s … Read more

‘Mind Over Murder’ Reveals How the Beatrice Six Were Brainwashed Into Confessing to Murder

True crime non-fiction can be exploitative and superficial but, at its finest, it investigates horror stories as a means of examining and understanding reality and humanity. That function is superbly carried out by Mind Over Murdera six-episode HBO docuseries (June 20) from One Child Nation director Nanfu Wang that looks into a knotty 1980s murder … Read more

Mexico: It’s never been more dangerous to be a journalist

Tijuana, Mexico CNN – We had to apologize for being late. The traffic was horrible, we explained. It was only after nearly an hour of crawling through near standstill traffic on a Tijuana, Mexico, highway that we saw the crash that caused the rush-hour snarl. Two vehicles, a pickup truck and an old four-door sedan … Read more

LIV From the US Open

Greed, dishonor, scandal and murder aren’t normally associated with the sport of golf. But golf, invented 500 years ago in Scotland, finds itself this week engulfed in a battle between its reputation for scandal-free fair play and Saudi Arabia’s oil money. The controversy is a parable for our tense, troubled times. As part of Saudi … Read more