Afghans bury dead, dig for survivors of devastating quake

GAYAN, Afghanistan (AP) – Villagers rushed to bury the dead Thursday and dug by hand through the rubble of their homes in search of survivors of a powerful earthquake in eastern Afghanistan that state media reported killed 1,000 people. Residents appeared to be largely on their own to deal with the aftermath as their new … Read more

EU grants Ukraine candidate status in ‘historic moment’

EU leaders launch Ukraine’s membership process Zelenskiy urges West to speed up heavy weapons deliveries Battle for Donbas twin cities reaches critical stage KYIV, June 23 (Reuters) – Ukraine became a candidate to join the European Union on Thursday, a bold geopolitical step triggered by Russia’s invasion that Kyiv and Brussels hailed as an “historic … Read more

Battle for Donbas twin cities reaches ‘fearsome climax’, says Ukraine

Zelenskiy urges West to deliver heavy weapons EU leaders to start Ukraine membership process Battle for Donbas twin cities reaches critical stage KYIV, June 23 (Reuters) – President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Moscow’s massive air and artillery attacks were aimed at destroying the entire Donbas region and urged Ukraine’s allies to accelerate the shipment of heavy … Read more

Moscow threatens NATO member Lithuania over transit ban on goods to Russia’s European exclave Kaliningrad

Lithuania’s decision to ban the transit of certain goods between Russia and its isolated exclave of Kaliningrad has provoked wrath among top officials in Moscow, and even a threat of retaliation against the European nation. Kaliningrad shares land borders with two NATO nations, Lithuania and Poland, but not Russia. Captured from Nazi Germany by the … Read more

Russia pounds eastern Ukraine, Putin to mark WWII anniversary

Luhansk region is the toughest place, says the president of Ukraine Russia has artillery edge as Ukraine pleads for heavy weapons Putin to mark day in 1941 when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union June 22 (Reuters) – Ukrainian and Russian forces were entrenched in eastern Ukrainian battlegrounds on Wednesday, a day of commemoration in both … Read more

Despite Western arms, Ukraine is outgunned in the east

BAKHMUT, Ukraine (AP) – Holed up in a bombed-out house in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian troops keep a careful accounting of their ammunition, using a door as a sort of ledger. Scrawled in chalk on the door are figures for mortar shells, smoke shells, shrapnel shells, flares. Despite the heavy influx of weapons from the West, … Read more

Morale is concerned as NATO chief warns war could last ‘years’

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Four months of war in Ukraine appear to be straining the morale of troops on both sides, prompting desertions and rebellion against officers’ orders, British defense officials said Sunday. NATO’s chief warned the fighting could drag on for “years.” “Combat units from both sides are committed to intense combat in the … Read more

Europe steps up support for Ukraine as Russia presses offensive

Zelenskiy thanks EU leaders for solidarity visit Leaders tour ruined town of Irpin Fighting rages in Sievierodonetsk and southern Ukraine KYIV / IRPIN, Ukraine, June 17 (Reuters) – Britain will host talks on rebuilding key infrastructure in Kyiv on Friday, a day after the leaders of Germany, France and Italy visited Ukraine and offered it … Read more

Turkey wants ‘concrete steps’ from Sweden, Finland over NATO bids | NATO News

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says steps should be taken to address Ankara’s “legitimate” concerns over the NATO bids of Finland and Sweden. According to a statement by Turkey’s Communications Directorate on Wednesday, Erdogan told NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in a phone call that no progress could be achieved without seeing “concrete steps” by both … Read more

US sending $ 1 billion more military aid to outgunned Ukraine

WASHINGTON (AP) – The US announced it will send an additional $ 1 billion in military aid to Ukraine, as America and its allies provide longer-range weapons they say can make a difference in a fight where Ukrainian forces are outnumbered and outgunned by their Russian invaders. President Joe Biden and his top national security … Read more