SEX ROOM designer lands her own Netflix show documenting risque spaces she creates for couples

A sex room designer has landed her own Netflix show documenting the very risque spaces that she creates for couples who are looking to spice up their sex lives. Melanie Rose, who has designed high-end homes for 15 years, is the go-to person for those who are looking to have some fun in the bedroom. … Read more

Maya Vander LEAVES Selling Sunset after announcing she suffered miscarriage

Selling Sunset star Maya Vander is not returning for the show’s sixth season. Sources with the Netflix series on Wednesday told TMZ that the reality star, 40, is leaving the show to focus her efforts on family and her Miami-based real estate business. Insiders told the outlet that Vander made adjustments to her real estate … Read more

A Review Of Kevin Hart’s The Man From Toronto

(from left) Kevin Hart as Teddy and Woody Harrelson as The Man From Toronto in The Man From Toronto.Photo: Netflix The Man From Toronto introduces us to a world in which a network of hitmen represent various cities, and in many cases, embody the broadest stereotypes about their hometowns. And the one from Toronto, Canada, … Read more

Netflix Takes Aim at Liberals With ‘Snowflake Mountain’

On Wednesday, Netflix quietly dropped Snowflake Mountain with little promotion in the lead-up to its arrival. And it only takes watching the first 30 seconds of the reality-television series to understand why. If you hadn’t already guessed, the “snowflake” in Snowflake Mountain refers to the pejorative term largely used by the right — and often … Read more

Apple TV Plus workplace comedy lacks bite

Maya Rudolph and Joel Kim Booster in LootPhoto: Apple TV + Apple TV + ‘s Loot is designed to poke fun at, and eventually ruminate over, its protagonist’s ridiculously extravagant lifestyle. After all, Molly Novak’s (Maya Rudolph) splashy entry includes John (Adam Scott), her rich douchebag tech husband, gifting her a massive yacht. It has … Read more

New On Netflix July 2022: ‘Persuasion,’ ‘Virgin River’ And More

Calling all Jane Austen fans! Netflix is ​​due to add more than 100 shows and movies in July, including a new adaptation of Austen’s last novel, “Persuasion.” Starring Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis and Henry Goulding, the period film will premiere on Netflix on July 15. Other new original movies out next month include the spy … Read more

Spoiled Gen-Zers stranded in the wild

This summer, get ready for the snowflakes to melt. New Netflix reality series “Snowflake Mountain” features a group of delicate, immature 20-somethings who party hard, can’t hold down jobs and still live with their parents. These “snowflakes” – which the show defines as young people who are “overly emotional, easily offended and dramatic” – are … Read more

We’ve Taken Jennifer Lopez’s Talent for Granted for Far Too Long

This is a preview of our pop culture newsletter The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, written by senior entertainment reporter Kevin Fallon. To receive the full newsletter in your inbox each week, sign up for it here. Jennifer Lopez has a new project out, and it is my religious obligation to histrically champion it. The thing about … Read more

The History, Evolution, and Future of Iron Chef

I remember my first exposure to food television vividly. As a kid I would be in the basement flipping through channels to find something, anything to watch before my designated TV time was over and I must succumb to slumber. When I first came across an episode of the original Iron Chef being rerun on … Read more

The Summer I Turned Pretty is pretty damn delightful

Christopher Briney (Conrad) and Lola Tung (Belly) in The Summer I Turned Pretty Photo: Dana Hawley / Prime Video There is a lot of pressure on a sophomore project to live up to the hype of its predecessor. (Look no further than just about every headline declaring that Conversations With Friends dropped the Normal People … Read more