The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Go For The One They Want In Love During Moon Sextile Venus On July 31, 2022

We all know when the time is right when it comes to love; it’s one of those ‘strike while the iron is hot’ situations, and during Moon sextile Venus, we not only know who we want to be our partner, we know that if we don’t make it known now — as in TODAY — we may miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Today is the day we go for the one we want, as we know that we could blow it if we don’t make the effort.

It’s scary! Not everyone is aggressive enough to jump in front of someone’s face and declare their love. If you’ve ever watched a Korean rom-com, you’d see that many of the plot lines are all about getting up the nerve to confess your love to someone because once you confess, it’s up to the other party to either accept your love or reject it.

Today, July 31, is the day we will be confessing such love to someone who means the world to us.

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While there’s a lazy feeling that comes with summer, there are some of us who still feel the urgency of wanting to have the right person in our lives to help us make our romantic fantasies come true.


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