The 3 Zodiac Signs With Great Monthly Horoscopes In August 2022

August is here and the planet is…hot. While summer has turned into an incomparable ‘heatwave deluxe’, our astrological weather won’t be as flammable, so to speak. We’re looking at a very promising August, and for some signs, it looks as if there will be a whole lot of healing going on.

August ends Leo Sun and presents us with Virgo season on August 22 and this zodiac sign is all about healing. While temperatures heat up, dispositions and tempers cool down, and for this, we can all be very grateful.

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Our helpful transits, this month, will fall on the 11th, which will bring us Venus in Leo, and later on in the month, when we come into the extraordinary Mercury in Libra, on the 25th. These are the days we can count on for the good fortune and progress in whatever topic is on our minds.

Of course, we have many other days to consider, and in terms of interesting and helpful transits, we can look to Mars in Gemini, on the 20th, as this event will no doubt be the pivot mark in many people’s lives.

We will start the month off with the positive vibe that’s coming in on the 4th of August, and that is the day we have both Mercury in Virgo, and the moon in Scorpio. As our moon begins its journey into fullness, we should see many couples renewing their vows, jobs being upgraded and wise choices being made in health and well-being. If August brings us health and wisdom, then we’re going to have to be there for it, which is precisely why we have these wonderful Mercury transits to help us focus.

Three zodiac signs with great monthly horoscopes in August 2022:

1. Gemini

(May 21 – June 20)


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