The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On October 11, 2022

Today is one of those days when we think of some very dastardly thoughts and we end up feeling either guilty or bad for doing so.

Let’s admit it, it’s not like every moment of every day is filled with sunshine and light inside our heads; in fact, if it were all that happy, peppy, and bursting with love then we probably wouldn’t be on Earth.

However, we are here on Earth, stuck, and that means we have to deal with Earth’s number one influence: people. Argh! People are at the heart of what makes today a rough one.

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Today we have the transit Mars square Neptune, and it’s going to bring out all the revenge fantasies we can handle.

Whether we are just angry that our neighbor didn’t recycle their trash and just left it there, or our romantic partner forgot that today is somehow important in the greater scheme of things, we are not going to be happy with someone today… stranger or partner.

And in not being happy, we are going to get into some dark and treacherous thinking.

With Mars square Neptune, we don’t have to worry about acting out on those fantasies, but that doesn’t mean having them is any less of a burden.


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