The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On Sunday, July 31, 2022

The truth is that nobody likes being told, “No.” We don’t want to be told by anyone that we either can’t do something or that we’re incapable of doing it we simply don’t want to hear someone else’s opinion when it comes to what we want to do or what we feel is our business alone.

Today brings with it those who wish to criticize, judge and advise, and all of it is unwanted and unsolicited. Today is the day where we all say, en masse, “Mind your own business.”

Today, we have a transit that is basically cut out for bringing us interruptions and obstacles, and that transit is Mercury’s opposition to Saturn.

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With this transit in place, we will be hearing all manner of ridiculous commentary; some words will be meant for us to hear, and some for others, but so much of what we’ll overhear today will be in the form of an insult or condescending tone.

Because it’s a Mercury transit, we know that its most powerful form comes as words, today. Get ready for hearing things you wish you’d never heard.

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What makes this a rough day is how we react to what we hear. We can overreact and take everything to heart, which will definitely be a day-ruiner, or, we can just laugh inwardly at those who feel so desperate in their attempt to assert their power and control. The best way to get through Mercury’s opposition to Saturn is to ignore it as best as we can. This will be an individual choice.


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