They have a chance to really make their mark

OK….Wes, your answers to the OI questions are why I love Inbox! Your openness about not being a huge Packers fan, your nerves when joining, having no idea that Vic wrote a daily column prior to taking the job, and saying that you would’ve asked for more money if you would’ve known (!)-I respect that so much. You’re human, just like us, and that’s why we come here and read. Finally, kudos to the Packers org for letting their writers write, even when it’s not 100% “company line.”

You might not always like my answers, but I’m not going to pour Ginger Ale down your back and tell you it’s raining. I am who I am. I expect nothing but the same from all of you, including Dan/Charles/Ralph/Dillard from Waupun.

Hey Wes, thank you for manning the helm for OI. If it were convenient, could you ask Cliff his answers to this year’s Outbox questions? I’d be fascinated by his answers.

We’re running out of time before training camp, but I think I’m going to ask Cliff if he’d mind doing a podcast with me next offseason. I don’t know if I’d ask him about his Mt. Rushmore or anything, but I do have quite a few questions for him about some of the historical Packers players not in the Hall of Fame and what he learned writing the book.

Tom from New Braunfels, TX

Longtime reader, but first-year soldier. Reflection after OI, the Pack meant a lot to me through good and bad. My family is all gone now, but no matter whose house we were in on Sunday, the Packers game was always on. My earliest memories of football were green and gold. It was all I knew. I have passed that on to my kids. My daughter was born on a Sunday morning at 5:30. I held her in my arms at noon to watch the Pack beat Minnesota. They are more than a FB team to me; they are intertwined with my family memory.

We are the totality of our shared experiences. As I’ve said to many of my friends who have struggled during their transition to middle age and adulthood – Nostalgia isn’t living in the past. It’s appreciating that you lived. I cherish the memories I’ve forged with my father and look forward to passing those positive callbacks on to my son.

I have to give expression to emotions stirred recalling the setting of my most memorable Packers game. Near 70, hunting far back in the Alaska Range with sons Jordan and Ethan, we decided we just had to make the season’s first game. Under heavy packs many miles over rough caribou trails, then 40 miles of gravel road, in hopes a remote lodge had reception for the Packers’ back-and-forth game with the Saints, ending in triumph in Cobb’s first game. Shared father-sons effort and the outcome still brings euphoria.

Now that OI is over, how long does it take for you to edit the responses from readers? I desperately try not to upset the Grammar Gods, but being a teacher, I can only imagine what you have to do to get the II readable. If I recall, Vic once posted an Ask Vic without any editing. Is that something you’d consider doing? It’d be hilarious!!

It can be tricky, and errors do happen. There’s also that in-between gray area where people sometimes purposely use incorrect grammar or phrases to illustrate a point. We do the best we can with what we have.

Linwood from Travelers Rest, SC

Wes, you really did accomplish a monumental task reading and editing all our OI responses. I appreciate the post of one of my two answers and living the Packers history through the other readers’ answers. You may have answered my question of when you start taking questions for the next OI with your answer Monday, “Hold up, did I just come up with the first question for the 2023 Outsider Inbox?” Is it any time now?

This bar doesn’t close. I keep a notecard with Outbox suggestions next to my computer. I already have two jotted down for 2023.

I’m humbled to be mentioned as “second runner-up” for Inbox MVP. To get a nod from Lori from Brookfield is the equivalent to hearing Aaron Rodgers compliment the play of Mitch Trubisky. I’m not in her league, but I’m inspired by where she sets the bar. Congratulations to Dar, and Derek – know that I’m pulling for you! Now the question: Reflecting on the year that’s gone by, who is the II MVP writer? Both have had a fantastic year. Somewhere on a beach, Vic is smiling.

Congrats, Al. I appreciate you being part of this community. My MVP for Inbox is Spoff – because I couldn’t do this without him.

Chris from West Allis, WI

Not just a congratulations to Dar, but a thank you as well to him and all the II legends. I read almost every day and submit questions now and then, however I definitely feel like more of a consumer than a participant. If I had to come up with insightful questions every day for the II to run, I can guarantee you there wouldn’t be much of a column. So, a special thank you to all those stars who contribute regularly so us mortals have something to enjoy each day!

Despite the uncertain 2021 offseason, I had so much fun covering the team over the past year and discussing the happenings with all of you. I look forward to the mysteries that’ll soon reveal themselves in 2022. We’re one day closer.

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