Trey Lance’s injury throws the 49ers’ future up in the air

Week 2 in the books, and a lot of dive into …

• The 49ers are going to be in an interesting spot coming out of the 2022 season, depending on how things go the rest of the way with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback. The recovery timetable for Lance is four to six months. And there is some good news here, news that was made obvious by the fact that Lance was hanging out with Garoppolo and other teammates after the game in the training room, and didn’t need to have surgery until Monday.

Long story short, had this been an “open” ankle fracture (what used to be known in the medical community as a compound fracture, where the bone breaks through the skin), he’d have needed emergency surgery, and the recovery would be more complicated. That, in fact, is the recovery Dak Prescott faced two years ago.


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